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Laboratory Services

We offer both in-clinic and outside laboratory testing for a variety of purposes.  From routine blood screenings prior to surgery to specialized testing for specific disease processes, laboratory services can often help to provide a thorough assessment of your pet's health. 

Most common services include:

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Pre-surgical Screening
  • Routine Blood Screening
  • Specialized Testing
  • Reproductive Services


Basic bloodwork allows us to have a complete picture as to the underlying health of our patient.

Like human patients, indicators in the blood can show subclinical disease that cannot be detected with a physical exam alone.  This helps us to have the full picture of a pet's health prior to general anesthesia.

Bloodwork in a clinically healthy dog or cat acts as a baseline for future bloodwork (a basis of comparison for the future).

Bloodwork in a sick patient can help us to better prepare and have a successful outcome from anesthesia and necessary surgical procedures

  • WCVS recommends pre-operatory bloodwork for every patient undergoing general anesthesia.