Welcome to WCVS Rockville Clinic!

Come on in!  You have a few minutes until your appointment.  Feel free to sit and relax or browse through our small animal dispensing area.  We have a variety of food, treats, vitamins, shampoos, leashes, collars, toys and other items available for your pet.

The doctor is ready to see you now, let's move into one of our exam rooms.

Come on back to our workspace!  In our pharmacy we stock drugs to dispense for today's patients. Often we will update records here at our computer workspace and prepare vaccines for routine wellness check-ups.  In our laboratory area we are able to check stool samples, run bloodwork and other tests.  In our treatment area we can draw blood, change bandages, prepare pets for surgery, and other routine procedures.


Our surgical suite is equipped with a gas inhalant anesthesia machine and a heart monitor for use during surgery.  We also have a room dedicated to our x-ray machine.


We have large climate-controlled runs for our canine patients, and a separate room for our feline friends.



We also have a large animal dispensing area and receptionist in the clinic.  There are vaccines, dewormers and other medications and tools for general use to our clients.  Our staff and veterinarian are available to help with your purchase decisions.


Thanks for visiting!  Please check out our Rockville Barn, located behind the clinic or head back to our Home Page.