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Greencastle (765) 301-4369
Rockville (765) 569-3210

Veedersburg (765) 294-2203

Welcome to WCVS Greencastle Clinic!

Come on in to our reception area!
As you walk in, you'll see that we have a variety of small animal foods, treats, vitamins, leashes and toys available.  We have a stocked large animal dispensary available to clients with staff and veterinarians on hand to answer any questions that you might have.


Welcome to our exam room, we're glad you came to visit!  Here we will talk with you about your pet and get a good physical exam.



Come on back to our workspace!  In our pharmacy we stock drugs to dispense for today's patients.  Here we will update records at our computer station and prepare vaccines for routine wellness check-ups.  We have a blood machine that can give us routine blood chemistries and hemograms in minutes and a microscope to look at cell samples and stool samples to help diagnose sick patients.



In our treatment area, we can draw blood samples, apply bandages, and perform other necessary treatments.  We have a room dedicated to surgery which is kept clean at all times and is supplied with a gas anesthesia machine and a heart/oxygen monitor for our surgical patients.  Another room is for x-ray use only, with a developer on hand.


We have space dedicated to our feline friends only and a separate room for canines. 

All rooms in the clinic are temperature controlled and well ventilated.   




Thank you for coming to visit!  Please stop by and see us in person.