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WCVS Clinton

WCVS Clinton


WCVS History

West Central Veterinary Services was formed in July, 1995 by the merger of Rockville Veterinary Clinic in Rockville, IN and West Central Veterinary Service in Veedersburg, IN.  The goal of this merger was to continue providing quality veterinary services in the face of a dramatically changing rural economic environment.  The practice has evolved into a four clinic, fourteen veterinarian practice with seven of these veterinarians being practice owners.  WCVS continues to be a rural, mixed animal veterinary practice, however the individual veterinarians have been able to specialize in areas of interest that would not have been feasible in a smaller practice.

Physical Facilities

The physical facilities of WCVS have changed significantly since 1995 with the construction of four new facilities.  The new Veedersburg clinic was built in 1996 at the west edge of town on the same site as the previous clinic.  A large animal clinic was built two miles south of Rockville on U.S. 41 in 2001.  The Rockville small animal practice was moved to the same location as the large animal facility when a new clinic was built in 2005.  The Greencastle practice was opened in the fall of 2008 when the new clinic was built on U.S. 231, two blocks north of the downtown area.   In early 2012 an addition to our large animal clinic in Rockville was built to accomodate our stud collection services.  Our most recent change has been the addition of an established companion animal clinic in Clinton, IN to the WCVS familiy.