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Lyme Disease and West Central Indiana

We are seeing Lyme Disease move through our state. 
Spread by deer ticks, many dogs are at risk in Indiana.       

What does it mean for our pets?  What can we do about this problem?
1.  Prevent Tick Exposure with good quality tick prevention
            Topical Products:  Vectra 3D, Frontline, Parastar Plus, K9 Advantix
            Oral Product:  Nexgard
            Collar:  Seresto

      2.  Vaccinate against Lyme Disease
      3.  Examine pets daily for ticks and remove ASAP
     Click here for more detailed information about lyme disease and your dog
     Read our newest blog about Lyme Disease

     Click here for information about Lyme disease and you:  CDC Lyme Disease Home Page


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Heartworm Disease

Spread by mosquitoes from infected dogs to unprotected dogs, this disease has been in our state for years. 

We continue to see many positive cases in the clinic.  The good news is that the prevention products on the market today are highly efficacious and safe to give. 

In fact, most products on the market now also kill other parasites in addition to heartworm microfilaria.  These vary between products, but often intestinal parasites, fleas and even biting flies can be addressed monthly with one product.  As some of the internal parasites that dogs carry also affect people, this additional benefit makes sense.

Check out the products that we carry and see our specials!

We can assist you in finding the heartworm prevention product that fits your pet, your budget, and your lifestyle.  Come in and visit us today!

For details about all aspects of this disease, we highly recommend this website:
       The American Heartworm Society

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